Made In France

All MADEVA - Paris designs and collections are fully made in France, in Paris, in small craft workshops, always in very limited edition

When many today are only looking for the biggest profit, reducing their costs more and more, far too often at the expense of quality, by producing their goods aboard far far away where the price of labor is much smaller than in France. Terms and conditions of labor as well. We do not want such an industrial approach, but rather a more traditional approach, an approach of respect of our partners including our customers as well as the respect of the nature around us. So rather than practicing unreasonable margins, we have instead a policy for a fair price all the time.

MADEVA - Paris has chosen to keep all its production in France, somewhere in Paris, where all its activity is located. This choice alone can make us to be in agreement with the philosophy and politic that we defend. A respect for people who are working with us but also the nature that surrounds us.

By producing in Paris, we also limit by a great deal our impact on the planet simply by reducing our overall goods travel and reducing at the same time the ecological balance of all our designs.
We participate in the same time the preservation of jobs and "expertise" has become very valuable in our region and our country on the flooded area.

That choices we made, many others could do if they were not so bothered with profit.

« This is a choice of reason and responsibility ».

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