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Order safety with MADEVA Corp.

Before buying anything through our website make sure you accepted our general selling conditions, otherwise we invite you not to buy anything and to contact us if you are willing to.

MADEVA Corp. refuse to deal with any of your bank references for security reasons and decided to entrust PayPal with them. PayPal is a well known paiement method accross the world with more than 100 millions of users in 103 coutries. It's fast and secure, and if computer professional trust it you can do it aswell. You can easily, and immediatly pay in many different currencies, it's automatically converted into the appropriate currency for a very low cost.
PayPal is also free of all charges from the buyer since only vendor is charged with the costs of the services.

Simplifiez-vous la vie avec PayPal

MADEVA Corp. owns a verified BUSINESS account to offer you the higher level of protection and trust for you as a buyer. With PayPal, MADEVA Corp. can accept most of the paiement cards such as VISA, MASTERCARD and AMEX with a very high level of security for its buyers. You can also directly pay from your PayPal account if you are already using one, and if you are not you can create a free account right away by clicking the banner bellow:

Ouvrez un compte PayPal et acceptez dès aujourd'hui les paiements en ligne.

MADEVA Corp. also accept the following paiement methods for internationnal buyers:

  • bank wire

  • western-union

    Please note that for all those alternatives payment methods, all additionnal costs and risks are on the buyer only. In addition shipping is made only when MADEVA really get the money, which can delay shipement for at least a week.
    Order using an alternative way of payment is made by manually by sending us as attachment a file that you fill properly (you can download the file here). We will answer you as fast as possible with all the details you need to have a smooth transaction. DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY BEFORE YOU GET AN ANSWER FROM US. Thanks

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    Order safety with MADEVA Corp.


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