Fair Price

Our policy is to practice a fair price all the time. You can see bellow why our price is justified and right...

The price is just a concept, unique to each individual. Today, consumers can be sensible to a number of values or principles, such as made in France or a fair trade business, but mostly they continue to buy the cheapest.

The consumer must become aware that the rarity of a product (limited editions), working conditions largely defined by the manufacturing site and the preservation of the environment comes with a very real price. The act of purchasing is also a citizen act as buying a product for which we are sensitive to both defended values and commitments, it's supporting it against what we reject.

"Stop being mere consumers, be consumer-actors! "

The prices that we practice may seem high at first sight, but they remain fully justified and fair.

Among the basic requirements of a fair trade, the right price should not only cover the cost of raw materials, research, means of production and working time, but also social and environmental preservation costs. It must also ensure an adequate profit.

In environmental concerns we have chosen to work only with suppliers of fabrics and accessories from European countries bordering with France. This allows us to limit very greatly the movement of goods and the global ecological balance of our products.

All our products are crafted in France in compliance with the rules defined by the Labor Code. Our partners are paid justly for their work and payroll taxes paid to our country.

In conventional networks, distribution costs and margins are too often overstated. For our products we carry the distribution ourselves in our shop in Paris and on our online store. In addition we always practice a fair margin. Thus we do not overvalue our prices voluntarily forecasts of major promotions or specials ... With us you will not find these kind of events, like you could find elsewhere. Why?
Just because the rarity of our product (limited editions) and the practice of a fair price does not allow us to practice such operations.

However we are also businessmen and we regularly do promotional campaigns for our customers. In fact we only exist for those who are sensitive to our commitments, our values, and of course our designs, and who entrust us by supporting us day after day. This is why whenever we can we like to thank our customers for their loyalty and support.

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