Our Philosophy

On this please please find what matters to us, what we share as ideals, what makes us who we are, but also means that we put in place in order to get to our objectives.

Maybe we are just dreamers or idealists, but we honestly think that in this world which is ours, we can not afford to do anything any ways.

That's why we try to impose ourselves with principles both in our work but also in our actions and in our development. We believe that every little bit counts and even if our impact may be "negligible" by the size of our company, this is not why it should not be taken into account.

So while known multinationals, go so far away to buy and produce their collections to the smallest costs possible, often leading to ecological aberrations, we opted for a more responsible, more civic and as environmentally friendly as possible, by limiting the range into which we buy or make our goods.
We only buy fabrics which has been made in Europeans countries bordering France (Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium more Portugal) that are only able to meet our high standards of quality and proximity. In an entirely globalized market and replaced on a world scale, these distances are very reasonable.

We produce only limited editions locally, here in Paris, France. No mass production here and we are not planning to simply because we want to keep the rarity of our products, ensuring they remain a bit of 'unique' for every woman who wears on of them.

We comply with every labor regulations in place in France and we respect the fundamental human rights. Therefore we can not tolerate the exploitation and child labor, or the enslavement of people because of their so poor working conditions in some foreign countries.

We know very well that we only are just a small drop in this huge « ocean of clothes », but by buying from us, everyone can be sure that she does not only buy a nice clothe, but also supports an ideal to « do good things but not at any price »!.

We do not aim to be any huge multinational, all we want and we strive to do right now is to live from our work, hoping that one day we may make a living from it and maybe just a little more.

We honestly believe that we are not alone feeling this way and that's why we work so hard with all our might to bring to all some fine quality clothing, original, well cut and comfortable, made from natural fibers, assembled by small craft workshop who love their job, all for a fair price.

Many people do not understand that we can not follow the lead major labels during sales periods, and yet this is explained very simply. Our prices, although it may appear expensive to some, are calculated to the smallest and could not possibly absorb a 70% discount as we often see today. Due to the size of our company we are working with no stocks (limited editions), and therefore of course we're not going to produce anything for the sale like some brands would do, because for us it would simply mean sell at loss!

We hope that all those ideals for which we fight every day will find into your eyes a little importance, as this would be our greatest achievement and satisfaction.

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